About Us

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Fellow Pet Owner,

We are one of you! Each managing member of our company has been a lifelong dog owner who adores their dog and has experienced the sadness of losing them way too soon.

We created Immune-D Plus™ to make a difference in a dog’s life. Our revolutionary product is vastly different and superior to the supplements that are currently in the pet marketplace. A recent focus group study of 10,000 dog owners across America indicated their number one wish for their dog is to live longer and experience a life of sustained, good health.

Immune-D Plus is a Multivitamin/Multimineral supplement that is a single dose once a day. The taste is very appealing to all dogs and the absorption rate is 6-7 times higher than standard pill supplements. The liquid delivery system contains over 130 trace minerals and antioxidants that are vital in boosting your dog’s immune system and supporting a long, healthy life.

Our team of chemists, professional pharmaceutical formulators, veterinary professionals, and industry leaders created our product from the finest ingredients to ensure your dog remains full of vitality and great health. This one shot a day regimen insures that your lovable pet is given the best opportunity to extend years on their lifespan and enjoy the best life offers them.

A Letter From The Founder

Larry Simon, founder of LittleBigShots
Larry Simon, Founder

Hello fellow dog lovers and owners: Our pets are like our children, they are our everything. They give us unconditional love and add incredible joy to our lives. When we’re down, they lift our spirits. When they’re sick, we’re sick at heart. We let them have the run of the house and sleep in our beds – but the loyalty and endless love makes everything worth it. A dog owner will go through any expense to make them happy and healthier, So, please let me tell my story, how I got started and how passionate I am about this new revolutionary liquid supplement I created.

My name is Larry Simon, and for the last 20 years I’ve raised tens of millions of dollars for small public companies. I have read hundreds of business plans and for the past few years I’ve been looking for the next great product. I finally found it! Since 2008, I have done extensive research on the absorption rate of pills in pets and humans. Most pets and 40% of humans do not like to swallow pills and would prefer liquid form. I’m so passionate about this product that I’m giving up my full-time job to be the CEO of Little Big Shots™ and take a large reduction in pay.

Allow me to tell the story of how I came up with this potentially lucrative idea. I work out three times a week but don’t do much cardio so my body is in pretty good shape but not perfect!  My blood pressure and cholesterol were high, my vitamin D levels were low, and my memory wasn’t like it used to be. My doctor told me that if I didn’t get my levels under control I would have to take prescription medication. The reason why I stayed away from medications is that most of them have side-effects.

Approximately two years ago I was introduced to a man from Kansas City. I couldn’t believe that he was 82 years old. I asked how he looks and feels so good. His answer was that he takes a product that contains 75 minerals. He had been taking this product for 26 years and hasn’t caught a cold. We spent one hour together but that one hour opened my eyes.

I went straight to my computer to do some research. I couldn’t believe what I was reading. Every living being is made up of minerals and water. I learned that without the right amount of minerals there is a good chance people and pets will get sick, then potentially get a disease. I was instantly sold.

I took a blood test, started taking the minerals and after 90 days I took another blood test. My blood pressure and cholesterol are almost perfect, my vitamin D levels are normal and my memory is as sharp as ever. It was time for me to tell people the real truth. People are so used to only taking vitamins, but it’s the minerals that help the vitamins work.

My only pet growing up was a cat that I loved very much. My girlfriend, Allison, grew up with dogs. We agreed to get a dog and that was one of the best decisions that we made, as our dog became a huge part of our lives. We had so much love to give that we started fostering dogs from the Southampton Animal Shelter Foundation. We ended up adopting our first foster and added to our family. It was hard to believe how expensive the food, vet bills, pet insurance, toys and treats are, but they are our children so we don’t think twice when it comes to them. This was a new experience for me.

Over a year ago I thought to myself, can I give these minerals to my dogs? The answer was yes. That got me thinking that dogs don’t like pills but if this came in a liquid it would be great as a treat. I told Allison that I want to be the first company to deliver pharmaceutical grade healthy ‘shots’ to dogs and eventually humans and other pets. We came up with the name Little Big Shots. Our product, Immune-D Plus™ will build up the dogs immune system and give them A Chance to Live Longer™.

Larry S. Simon