Charitable Give-Back

shelter dogs

There is nothing better in life than taking part in saving or prolonging the lives of loved ones. As dog owners, we feel very strongly about making dog’s lives both longer and healthier because dogs have a relatively short life span.  Most of us would be happy to spend money for the care of our dogs if it meant there was a product that provided them a shot to live longer. Little Big Shots is the company with the product and the mission!

When deciding on what charitable causes Little Big Shots would support, we decided to begin partnering with organizations that are dedicated to the cause of prolonging, as well as, saving dog’s lives. Our commitment will be to donate a percentage of every sale of Little Big Shots’ Immune-D to our chosen partners, typically dog rescues and shelters across America. Our goal is to significantly impact saving the thousands of dogs that are euthanized each year because of lack of support through donations and funding.

Each month, we will post on our website the canine charity that is the recipient of our donation. Additionally, through our extensive PR campaigns and marketing platforms, we will develop substantial awareness that will result in more adoptions while giving dogs the shot to live a longer, healthier life.

Our SHOT AT LIFE initiative will be regularly posting some of the most wonderful rescue experiences that were made available through the efforts and contributions of Little Big Shots.