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Frequently Asked Questions

It has all the minerals & micro nutrients that your dog needs to live a healthier and longer life while enhancing the immune system.

All the ingredients are clinically tested and natural.  There are no artificial supplements in our formula.  We’ve had our dogs taking it for over a year and the results have been fantastic.

The recommended dosage is based on the weight of the dog which is measured in the included dosage cup.  6ml for dogs up to 25lbs.  9ml for dogs 26-69lbs.  12ml for dogs 70-125lbs.  For dogs over 125lbs, add 3ml for every additional 40lbs.  

According to the veterinary physicians desktop guide liquid has up to 90% absorption vs. pills which are only 5%-18%, .  Additionally, dogs don’t like pills.

In an FDA registered laboratory located in the USA.

For every referral, the consumer will get a 25% discount on their next month’s order.

You can currently only buy Immune-D on our website.

If you subscribe monthly to our product, you will save 10% on every order.