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Commercial Pet Food – Great Food Topper

Most commercial dog foods today are the equivalent of fast food for pets – designed more for convenience than nutrition. Most of the good proteins, vitamins and minerals are destroyed during processing and cooking, and lots of unhealthy grains and cereals are added.

‘We’ve always fed our dogs this way!’ is a common argument in deciding what to feed your dog. However, this comment doesn’t mean it is healthy or acceptable to continue feeding your dog this way.

More and more dogs are getting cancer and autoimmune disorders than ever before, forcing many pet parents to take a hard, honest look at the pet food industry and the food they buy.  The way we’ve always done it isn’t really what’s best for the dogs – maybe it’s what’s best for the humans. The pet food industry has created lucrative profits using up leftovers and scraps deemed “unusable” for human consumption.  Many commercial pet food companies will place bare bone standard, minimal nutritious ingredients into the food simply to pass nutritional requirements.

Pet foods are traditionally made from highly processed 4D meats (dead, dying, diseased, and disabled). That dog food nugget could be made from cancerous tumors, aborted animal fetuses, beaks, ears, trimmings and animals not fit for sale in any other “usable” form. Some reports have even found the chemical commonly used to euthanize pets INSIDE commercial pet food! By all accounts, what little nutrition found in these inferior “meats” is most often leached out through high heat processing, leaving behind a nutritionally bankrupt pet food that requires flavor enhancement and artificially added vitamins and minerals to entice dogs to consume this so-called food.

Today, pet parents aren’t content to settle for “scraps, lips, and beaks”. We don’t want to feed our fur babies fast-food leftovers enhanced to pass bare-minimum nutritional requirements. The worst part is, not only are most commercial pet foods devoid of essential nutrients, they’re often infused with known carcinogens like BHA and aflatoxins!

Immune-D Plus™ works by restoring essential minerals, antioxidants, amino acids,  and nutrients that are cooked out of most commercial pet foods and boosts your pet’s immune system with clinically proven ingredients.  Immune-D Plus™ is a once-a-day, great tasting, liquid supplement that is easy to administer to your pets.  Just pour to the recommended daily dose printed on the dosage cup and place it on their food or administer by mouth.

How Is Immune-D Plus Different Than Other Pet Supplements?

Immune-D Liquid Supplement For Dogs


What makes Immune-D Plus so uniquely different than your average pet supplement is: As published in the Veterinary Physicians Desk Top Reference Guide is the fact that pill supplements have an absorption rate into your pet’s system of 5%-18%.   Therefore, you are wasting valuable nutrients and dollars by administering a supplement pill to your dog, irrespective of what the manufacturer claims.   Immune-D’s liquid supplement has an absorption rate of 85%-90% chock with essential minerals, antioxidants, vitamins and amino acids.  The single serving, liquid shot a day may be placed on your dog’s food or placed directly into its mouth.  Our liquid formula is measured into the appropriate ml size for your dog, ensuring that he or she receives the same dose per day.  Just pour into the  recommended daily dose printed on the dosage cup.  Dogs up to 25 pounds will receive a 6ml daily dose.  Dogs weighing 26-69lbs will receive a 9ml daily dose.  And for large dogs over 70lbs, Immune-D Plus™ is offered in a 12ml daily dose.

The Ingredients Inside Immune-D Plus

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