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Immune-D Helping Your Dog Live A Long And Healthy Life


Who doesn’t want their dog to live a long and healthy life? Don’t we all want to avoid the heartbreak of early loss? Indeed a recent survey of 10,000 dog owners said their number one wish for their dog is to live longer and experience a life of sustained, good health. What if there were a natural, vet-approved, pharmaceutical-grade way to help give your dog a chance to live longer?

Little Big Shots™ Inc. introduces Immune-D™ – A revolutionary liquid once-a-day liquid supplement for dogs. Super anti-oxidant mineral formula consists of clinically validated ingredients, efficacy, and purity. With over 200 micronutrients including amino-acids, Beta-Glucan, minerals, and vitamins. The result of a strengthened immune system? Less vulnerability to illness, more stamina, and a longer life.

Larry Simon, founder of LittleBigShots
Larry Simon, Founder

What really makes the difference here is that Immune-D is a liquid, meaning no more wrapping pills in peanut butter to tempt a dubious dog, no more crushing tablets and adding chicken soup to make the medication more palatable. This exceptional supplement which comes in tasty beef gravy flavor is a stress free (for pets and pet parents) alternative when it comes to giving our four-legged best friends the suppplements they need. It is important to understand that being a liquid, Immune-D offers a 90% absorption rate vs. pills which are only 5%-18% (per the veterinary physician’s desktop guide.) Editor’s note: Thumbs up to flavored liquid supplements, brilliant solution!

Dr. Marty Goldstein, one of America’s foremost integrative veterinarians, a founding member of the American Holistic Veterinary Medical Association and author of the best-selling book “The Nature of Animal Healing” believes in this ultimate wellness formula, an antioxidant rich liquid that’s a once-a-day must for our four-legged best friends. Dr. Marty has long been on the forefront of nutritional supplements in the treatment of disease and maintaining the overall health of our pets. You’ve seen him on Oprah, Martha Stewart loves him and he’s a familiar face on morning talk shows like Good Morning America, so for him to enthusiastically sign on to offer Immune-D to help improve the overall health of dogs under his care is extraordinary. You can hear what he has to say about Immune-D in a short but informationpacked video on

Immune-D works by restoring essential minerals, antioxidants, amino acids and nutrients that are cooked out of most commercial pet foods. Each ingredient is clinically proven, from the micronutrients to superfood Chaga Cordyceps – the King of All Mushrooms to CordycepsPrime™ the ancient miracle herb for energy, vitality and longevity and the patented technology of AstraGin® which supports absorption of vitamins, minerals, and amino acids. Given the scores of internationally formulated dog foods, it is reassuring for a loving pet owner to understand that this revolutionary formula is made in the USA at an FDA registered pharmaceutical lab.


The founder, Larry Simon, wishes to see rescue dogs, challenged by tough circumstances, improve their wellbeing, and increase their time on earth. He’ll be working with shelters and rescue organizations across the country to bring them Immune-D in the coming months. Little Big Shots is planning to introduce a charitable give-back program for shelters and rescue groups. And for all the cat owners out there, take notice, Immune-C for cats is coming soon.

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