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Little Big Shots Introduces New Immune-D Plus, Liquid Supplement for Dogs

Immune-D Liquid Supplement For Dogs

Proprietary blend of over 200 essential minerals, antioxidants, amino acids and vitamins, gives dogs a chance to live longer. 

Somerville, N.J., –Larry Simon, Founder of Little Big Shots is excited to introduce Immune-D Plus, liquid vitamin and mineral supplement for dogs.  Taken once daily, Immune-D Plus’ blend of over 200 essential minerals, antioxidants, amino acids and vitamins gives dogs their best shot at a longer, healthier life. With an absorption rate of up to 90%, and key all-natural ingredients like immunity-boosting superfood Chaga mushroom, calcium, potassium, iron, and magnesium, one daily dose of Immune-D Plus can slow down the aging process and support longevity, health and wellness.

Immune-D is endorsed by leading veterinarians and scientists, and is available in three different bottle sizes, offering a one-month supply of daily supplements for dogs based on their weight. Dogs up to 25 pounds will receive a 6ml daily dose, dogs weighing 26-69lbs will receive a 9ml daily dose, and for large dogs over 70lbs, Immune-D Plus is offered in a 12ml daily dose.

“If humans are living longer, our dogs deserve a chance to live longer too,” said Simon. “Immune-D Plus supports a dog’s entire immune system and helps reduce your dog’s risk for disease. After years of research looking into the profound effects of key minerals, and conversely, mineral deficiency, I’m proud to finally introduce an option for pet owners that not only works but tastes great and is easy to administer.”

The Immune-D Plus formula can conveniently be placed on the dog’s food (or directly in their mouth) once a day to ensure that pets are receiving the minerals, antioxidants, amino acids and vitamins that are lost in the dry food formation process and lost when administered in a pill or capsule form, typically yielding an absorption rate into pets’ systems of 5-18%.

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Little Big Shots™ is committed to providing pets a chance to live longer.  With the launch of its first product, Immune-D Plus, a liquid supplement for dogs, in 2020, Little Big Shots™, is driven by the immeasurable impact pets have on our lives.  Each managing member of the company has been a lifelong dog owner who adores their dog and has experienced the sadness of losing them way too soon.

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