We are so thankful to find Immune-D Plus. Here is my testimonial from a recent attack of our 10 year old dog Jake and what Immune-D Plus has done! On Monday, February 4, 2020 our dog Jake and I were arriving home from doing a few errands. As we were about 5 feet from our front door when two strange dogs came up on each side of us. Before I could pick up Jake they attacked my 17-pound Jack Russell. They were each 50 pounds each. Jake had 26 puncture wounds and spent 4 days in the hospital. Many of the wounds were severe where he needed a drain and he still has a muscle tear which we were told would take over a year to heal. On Saturday, March 6th I started giving Jake his dosage of Immune-D Plus. In just 2 1/2 weeks Jake’s bruising has already disappeared and his muscle wound looks better and almost unnoticeable. Jake’s hair is rapidly growing back and his energy level has increased. He is actually acting like a puppy again and super happy! Jake will be 10 years old in June and we love how Jake is healing and having so much fun! Here are photos from the attack and the results after 2 1/2 weeks taking Immune-D Plus. Look at the one from this weekend as he was playing like a puppy in the pool. We are blessed that Jake survived this horrific attach and grateful for Immune-D Plus. We couldn’t bare not having Jake in our life! Cindy xo

Elliot F.

Lancaster, PA

We rescued our Min Pin, Quixote, back in 2008. He had some challenging developmental and health issues so we worked closely with our local vet and friend to develop his diet and supplement program.

We were introduced to Immune-D Plus™. It was just in the early testing stage of development but we were excited to give it a try. We loved that it was in a liquid form. Because Quixote was on supplements for his heart, joints and spine we were very excited that Immune-D Plus™ would help with better absorption. We’ve noticed increased appetite and energy, fewer flair ups with his cervical issues and continued improvement with his blood work and liver numbers.

We are in the process of rescuing another Min Pin and we intend to start her immediately on Immune-D Plus™. 

Hope M.

Miami, FL

My name is Hope and I live in Miami with my 17 year old dog, Smootchie. My dog has been taking Immune-D Plus™ for 9 months. I have to say that Smootchie has made a huge improvement in his energy and overall appearance. I¹m also a little upset, because my other dog, Gucci, died two years ago at the of age 15. If only Immune-D Plus™ was available at the time. Thank you to the creators of Immune-D Plus™!

Carol and Mitch Jenner, Ontario, California

Carol and Mitch Jenner

Ontario, California

This is our love Lucy.   We are from Ontario, California but this picture was taken in Arizona at our lake house. Lucy loves to travel and enjoys the outdoors. We started giving Lucy Immune-D Plus™ nine months ago and have noticed that her coat has gotten thicker and she is always alert and happy. Lucy loves the flavor and looks forward to it each morning. We tried giving her supplements in pill form but she rejects them unless we mask the pill in cheese, which is really not great for her. Immune-D Plus™ is wonderful and easy to use. We can’t wait for her to live a very long life.

holly immune d dog immune supplement review


New Jersey

Immune-D Plus™ works so well on Uno that I was hoping the company made a human product.

whiskers holistic pet resort, immune-d testimonial


Whiskers Holistic Pet Care, NY

Absolutely we would be interested in carrying/selling the product! And I would be happy to give some to our best customers (who are all celebrities in their own right!) Looking forward to great responses from the animals! I love that all the ingredients have clinical trials.

green leaf pet resort immune-d testimonial

Richard - General Manager

Green Leaf Pet Resort, NJ

I think every dog in this country should take Immune–D Plus.  We would love to sell Immune–D Plus in all our resorts.


Vinton, Iowa

We’ve been using our Immune-D Plus for a week.  They are older (10) and are not active and have trouble getting around.  Already they are walking better and seem to be more active.