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What is the Best Supplement for Dogs?

If you love your  furry companion, it’s only natural to want to give them the best supplements to keep them healthy. Liquid Supplements For Dogs are a great choice to supplement your dog’s nutrition with.  Immune-D, our liquid dog supplement is filled with nutrients, vitamins and minerals that dogs need to live a longer and more vibrant life. 

Dog supplements come in many variations, but the best ones come in liquid form.  Immune-D is more preferable over other methods because it can be  poured on their food for easy administering. And since most commercial dog food loses its nutrients in the process of it being made, Immune-D is a great addition to their meal.  Another thing to consider is if you’ve ever tried  pill supplements, chances are you’ve seen your dog spit it out. WHY? It’s because they don’t like to swallow pillsLiquid supplements for dogs provide an opportunity to give them their vitamins and minerals, without worrying about them spitting it out or rejecting them. 

While choosing supplements for your dog, make sure the product comes with all the various vitamins and minerals that your dog needs. Immune-D is the perfect choice because it contains all micro-nutrients including amino acids, minerals and vitamins that dogs need to stay healthy and lively.  Dogs also love the great tasting beef gravy flavor, so you’ll never have to worry about them spitting it out. 

Immune-D supports a healthy aging process, strengthens immune response, and is super easy to administer to your dog.  As a consumer why waste time disguising a pill when all you need to do is pour it on their food.  Plus the liquid absorption rate is over 90% vs a pill which is 5-15%.

Try Immune-D now and Give Your Dog A Shot To Live Longer!